Monday, May 08, 2006

It's a hot cold day, and I'm on my way.

Air raid sirens sound as the planes fly in from above, their whining engines threatening to implode. On the grounds below, pilots and technicians rush to their grounded planes, each one of them praying that they would live the next five minutes.

Bombs screech, and bullets fly, hot knife through the butter of terrified troops running in all directions. A furnace erupts and mushrooms the airfield. Plane and human parts mix in a cauldron of chaos. Dark clouds ensue and rises, watching the destruction and waiting for their comrades to lurk above the battleground.

A few planes manage to take off, but are soon sent cockscrew back to the flaming ground. More screams, more blood, more chaos.

Death and destruction - my last salvation.


"Wake up asshole!"

A slap to the face brings new meaning to kiss of sunshine. I wake up and find myself in a room facing three brutes with medals - their faces show nothing of their intention, only the lines on their face contorting as they breathe in and out from the death sticks in their mouths.

I watch them exhale - a silver dragon flies from each of their mouths, battling and then merging to form one giant cloud of white death.

They try to make me one of their ugly club members by pummeling my face to the table, not saying anything.

"What? No apology?"

They reply with more blood.

"It must be my lucky day. You bronzes come here to beat me up personally and all..."

More pain, this time I blank out. They speak to me, but I only get echoes from the back of my head. They punch me again, their knuckles moving in slow motion but connecting full-on with complete special effects.

"Ya know, I bet you got better things to do."

"Shut it Balluchi. Shut up and sit down!"

One more punch. I'm done with them trying to take my balls away. I lunge forward and take out one of the monkeys with a bite to his neck. I taste blood that's not mine, and I get high. Nothing's going to stop me now.

I break my chair with the other guy's face, but it takes more than one try to do it. I gladly oblidge.

Two left, and I'm on a roll.

The prison officer to my right has been pretty good to me so far, and I repay him with a skullcrack - quick and easy. My forehead stings a little after that, but it's all going to go away once I get rid of them and get some rest.

The last guy is nowhere to be found.

I let my guard down. Pain follows. He slipped behind me like the slimeball he is and took a shot at me. He unloads a few more times, taking out my legs and arms. I can feel the hot metal burning my flesh as it bores deeper and deeper to the bone.

One more shot and I drop to my knees. I finally did what he told me to.


I can taste the snow from the cell. It's that time of the year when it gets all frosty and freezing. It's a good change from the blistering heat and boiling floors, but I wish I had a winter coat to stop the cold from killing me.

I notice someone in the cell with me - the same person who shot me in the back. I try lunging for him again, but they got smart and chained me down this time. I fight the chains, but they lacerated my wrists. The wounds from the gunshots stung, and I bellowed like the captured beast I am.

Time to settle down. He looks like he wants to talk.

"You can start by telling me who the fuck you are and why the hell you shot me in the back."

"My name is not important."

The moment of silence makes the wounds hurt even more.

"And I'll shoot you again if I have to."

The grunt starts walking around the cell, taunting me with every step he takes. He's out of reach and he knows it, taking his time and staring me in the face with that disgusting scowl. There's something different about this guy, something that makes me feel less like ripping his balls out.

"I don't know why they chose you, but I have been ordered to ask for your help."

"After you shot me in the back? I don't work for pussies."

"You were out of control. You killed an officer and injured two more."

"Tell the two I'll come back for them once I'm done with you. It's going to be long and painful."

"Shut up and listen."

"Let me go and I'll show you my way of listening."

"I can set you free, let you taste the sweetness of the world outside these four walls."

The words hit me like a ton of bricks. Sunshine, rain, rivers, clouds, snow, moon and stars. I've missed them all.

"All you have to do is deliver something for me. Once that is done, you're free to go."

"You know what I've done. I'm in this prison for a reason."

"It doesn't matter once you're out. All your records will be erased and you'll be given a new start."

"Erased. New start. Freedom."

The next morning, I was facing the metal gates that once had me bound, taking in the fresh air of freedom for the first time in twenty years. The sun's blazing but I don't care. It's melting the snow around my feet and I'm like the first green shoot of life, bursting to go and ready for anything.

And all I had to do was deliver this letter.

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