Monday, August 07, 2006

It ain't the Shangri-La, but I'll take it anyway


Three hours a day, I get a dose of sunshine. Every single day, I take in the bright warmth. Nothing stopped me.

This time it was different.

I wait for the dust to settle before I opened my eyes - the sound of screeching destruction stopped and the soft inviting hiss of the crumbling walls took over. I remember myself screaming for dear life, telling God that I did nothing to be in this shit and that if he took me today I'd pop him one good one. He must hate me a lot because he's left me alive and taken the rest. He wants me to know that I owe him one now, and when the time comes to pay him back, he can drown me in interest.

Talk about inbetween a rock and a hard place. Literally.

I chocked. Took me all the strength I had left to lift the damn stone wall that collapsed and saved me from the rest of the roof.

Sometimes in life we make mistakes, and we hate ourselves for it. This one takes the cake.

Just outside the piece of rubble I crawled out undernearth was the severed body of the asshole who threw kettles at me. All's fair as I smashed his ugly pie with the biggest rock I could find. Lo and behold, my letter fell from his pockets. Stained red with german blood. I'll get more merit for this one I guess.

It's a mad house - bodies thrown around, above and under. The runway's painted red from the burning metal and dripping with the boiling blood of the pilots. There's nothing in sight that's taller than a four-year old.

The fly boys did a pretty clean job this time round - no cars, no bikes, not even a freakin bicycle for me to steal. I'll blowup one of their planes and see how they like flapping around in wax feathers... That should teach them some consideration.

The hot sand burns through my boots and wakes reality from inside me. I remember the last time I saw my jail cell. The officer dragged me across the grimy floor to the beating of a lifetime, shoved the letter in my face and told me to deliver it so I can kiss the sunlight again.

Life's full of these little ironies where you find yourself out of the frying pan and into a bonfire of the decade.

They simply took the jail cell and replaced it with two fuckin big countries throwing bombs at each other. I hate germans - too proud for their own good. Makes it worse when I can't understand what they're trying to say.

And all they do is keep shouting at ya. Dumbasses.

So when I walked past this lunatic screaming at me, pointing fingers at my face, I let him know what I thought about his attitude.

"Go learn English, asshole."

I looked at the map inside of my head - they made me remember it so the enemy wouldn't know whre even if they captured me.

It's not far now... all I had to do was keep walking towards the sun.

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