Monday, December 22, 2008

The New Year

It's happened again - the newspapers have reported the increase of pet abandonment as a result of an economic downturn.

And while all the SPCA can do is tell people not to abandon their pets, I still feel that the victims of this ordeal (the pets dammit) owe their fate to the AVA and their allowance of the sale of animals in the neighborhood pet store.

20% of the pets abandoned at the SPCA are pedigree, and not all pedigrees go to the SPCA. Allow me to introduce Kino, my sister's second husky. She was found shivering at the side of the road. Maybe the owner felt the pinch of the economy too, and decided to drop Kino off so that she can find a job and support herself through these trying times.

You can't do that when you're stuck in the SPCA now, can you?

The AVA allows small breed dogs in HDB flats, and there's no restriction of size if you're living in landed property.

When push comes to shove, pets are seen as liabilities and the emotional attachment is fast to be severed.

This is my crying martyr, but it's too silly a problem with too stubborn an authority to do anything about it. Perhaps when someone dumps a bunch of dogs at AVA's head honcho's doorstep, he'll realize that pet stores are to blame for all the strays.

Seriously, no one wants a second-hand pup.. it's like I don't want to take care of your parents for you.

Fucking do it yourself. If you leave your pet at the SPCA, the only fate awaiting them is a cold lonesome death.

Happy New Year, you bastards at the pet store.

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