Saturday, January 17, 2009

Echoes of a life less known

So many faces I see everyday,
All different yet all the same,
Telling me their life's regrets
In moments where our moments met.

"My wife took flight!"
A man would scream
In passing thoughts
That once were dreams.

"An instant win!"
The poor man bellows;
"No longer will you sin,"
A hangman's gallows.

In fortune find our last regrets -
A silken moment we won't forget;
The single raindrop in the sands
Of barren hopes in barren lands.

A remnant whisper in our heads,
"Take to wing, forever's set!"
But in the corner of our hearts,
Simple lives all torn apart.

Stricken hopefuls line the street
Far beyond horizon's depth
To take their turns away from bleak;
To live the life I wish I had.

And in wanting fall to prey
To moment's moments of a sad life's buffet;
Now left in tatters wondering so
Aside from hopefuls soon to feel as cold.

Now listen to my last regret
Before I join the solemn queue -
Never wish your dreams be set
Lest you end up fallen, stumbled, black, and blue.

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