Thursday, January 22, 2009


Friedrich Nietzsche's concept of the eternal recurrence brings Good and Evil into an overlapping equation, each feeding off and neutralizing the other in a meaningless cycle of tail-chasing. It all ties down to his theory of how God is dead and that without God life becomes meaningless.

In his absence we turn to an internal power struggle - to find worth and meaning in our existence. We become our own gods, or at least strive to be in every way, a Superman. But there is contradict in being our own gods; in our principal desire to love life and self as it was and is, we must also embrace the future Us, rendering helpless to eternal recurrence - a circumstantial consequence to our actions counteracted by an unknown force.

I call it karma.

There is a Darwinian law to this too, approached in the means of a survival enzyme; in the law of physics we see it in terminal velocity; in chemistry it's how alkaline will subdue acidic.

Simply put, the world will always average out - grass grows faster after a firestorm; the suddenly rich will find themselves staring at poverty in no time at all; a calm in weather bears fruit to a storm.

It is law, and I accept it. Not to treat it as an excuse to cry, but as a reason to be optimistic. What's interesting is in finding out the root of things and using that knowledge to ensure a longer period of glee, shortening the gloom.

Because we all know we've had our fair share of the gloom.

People I've burdened myself with know me to be quite the bore, turning to dark poetry appreciating the darkness and rain at every instance. I guess it's about time to turn this around huh?

An interest, a goal, and a plan - sounds like I'm going to have some fun.

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