Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moderation is for pansies

I've know the meaning of the word. Perhaps it's likened to a tingle of fear - the kind you get when you think you're in too deep but know you can't get out of, not because you can't but more of "you won't".

And the adrenaline hits, sending the blood pulsing and your mind into overdrive; you start seeing things you normally won't see, and thinking things you would never have thought of. There is this awareness, and you're beginning to get addicted.

The danger takes over, and you move into automatic.

And until one stage you simply sit there, watching yourself work, but still feeling the same anxiety that brought you here in the first place. Everything moves faster, and you stand still waiting for the moment to arrive.

Because there's always a time to let go, and when it comes you let go, no strings attached. Never get too personal, never think twice. The adrenaline got you this far but too much of a good thing is bad, and you'll know once it bites you hard.

Go in strong, come out quick - it's the same rules as putting your head down a lion's throat.

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