Monday, January 05, 2009

Standing in Past's Shadow

As I sat reading the emails that we sent each other, I began to smile. I revisited the past - emotions, thoughts and actions that happened three years ago.

I remember how it all began and how it developed. I remember the things we did, the words we said, and the promises we made.

I remember I said this to her - "Pursue any dream, but just make sure it's yours."

I had a dream once, and I was happy then.

So many things we do for our dreams, but yet they always seem so far away. We don't give up, as dream chasers often do, and discover that we can stretch our limits; push ourselves to new levels. We tell ourselves that the next time will be better, and paint pictures of what may be.

And in the end, they remain dreams.

What of a dream that came true?

Well maybe mine will, and I'll let you know how it feels.

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