Friday, February 06, 2009


I'm one to treasure memories; some things I never forget. In fact, I think that's the reason for my short-term memory. I keep a lot of the memories inside and there's really no space for anything else.

Well, to be honest it did take me FOUR years to remember the birthday of one of my favorite people.

That being said, and the bullet hopefully dodged by the present I gave last year, I deleted the photos of me and Magdalene just now. I know that I'll probably look back and wondered why I did that, but I guess some things you don't need explaining.

There's still some things to throw away, but I'll take things one at a time. Expect to see something like the Museum of Broken Relationships here on the blog.

To some extent I kinda knew this day would come. I wavered so much during the course of it all, ending up where I started in the first place - alone in the room. Except this time no one called me and I called no one.

Somewhere in the National Library is a wall with "Cupcake heart Muffin 24/02/07" scribbled onto it. I am reminded that nothing lasts, even if you wanted it to. In honest truth, I never thought that to be true, because some things you just can't forget.

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