Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is that your final answer?

Honestly, how many times if you life have you ever been sure of what you're doing? No diving in or second guessing or what ifs or maybes - just pure instinct with a capital Y.

I'm plenty bad at it. The more serious the consequence, the worse my decision. As if that isn't bad enough, I remember most of them!

But do we spend our lives chasing possibilities? My recent experiences (some new, some old, one eternal) have taught me not to go back so much. It's a good story to tell the folks once in awhile, but if you're going to live regretting your lousy decisions, you're just going to remember more of them for more sad lonely times at home.

To tell the truth I've only ever been sure about two things in life so far - what my dream life will be like, and that I can't live life regretting what I should have done.

I know I hesitated the last time, but in my heart all I ever wanted to do was let everything go and run after a dream that I touched last one night. In some way I'm doing it now - without fear or indisposition - and I must say that while it's going to be a long long journey, and one that might never even come to fruition, I'm loving the resolution.

One thing's for sure, nothing's going to stop me.

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