Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Miracle of Birth

Juliana gave birth yesterday to a baby girl!

I went to visit with flowers (yes I was too far from the Eu Yan Sang, but the flowers were very nice ok?!) and got a chance to get up close with personal with young little Merisse.

By close, I meant a two-metre gap.

I have to admit that pregnant women scare me, and the thing that comes out of them takes the cake. I appreciate the whole miracle of birth thing, but it's just really scary. When Tracy had the tummy I couldn't bear to touch her also... Goosebumps.

But as I saw the look in Juliana's eyes as she gently picks up the baby and holds her close. You can tell Merisse knew Mummy was close because she instantly stopped crying. We drew the curtains and very soon her little eyes were open to the world.

Before I left I welcomed her. You'll probably end up saying it sucks, but it's the best you've got.

I want one too. :(

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