Saturday, February 14, 2009

A perspective

I guess it's the last time I can do this again; I've been trying to forget it but somehow the feeling always comes back. It'll be great, but I hope it even happens.

On another note I just returned from my first ever midnight jogging trip! Did two rounds around the neighborhood and it lasted all of an hour. Stretching helped. Came home, did the crunches and pushups and then went for a shower. Now you'll see me sipping on a can of 100Plus (ahhhhhh) and eying a bottle of Evian sitting in front of me.

People from my poly days will know romance with the mineral water brand. Some might say it was one my my three greatest love stories.

And it feels great! I can't wait for the next one so I can leave the country. Now's the time for my writing skills to come up with limitless excuses not to run!

But I'll keep at it coz I think I'll look even better in the clothes I spend all my money on.

Next up on the agenda is lunch tomorrow. I'm deciding to make chicken chops for Abel. It will come with fried prawn fritters, potato wedges, and lettuce. What a Valentine's huh... We had dinner tonight and there was more chart complaining to do since we lost so much these few days. But I've a goal to meet and that is to be able to eat Aston's everyday without feeling the financial pinch. It's a little tight now coz I buy so much clothes, so I gave us 3 years to achieve that.

Also, the babes from Chiropractic First will be coming around for dinner on Sunday so I've to plan that too. So far it's steamed chicken, kai lan with scallops, pork chops, steamed prawns and abalone soup.

And to top it all off, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all you couples out there, as well as the lovely ladies from my workplace. It's only been five months, but I love you all to bits. Here's to many more years of working together.

I've got plans, and it's all going to work out fine. Potentially, I could be the happiest man alive.

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