Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Prolonging the night

Special thanks to Ivy, who is now happily married, for letting me in on this marvelous little trick that is my blog title for today.

So you're awake at this time. The night is a great place to have some personal time, and here's a list of what I like to do.

Take a look around your room; go downstairs for a walk; look outside your window; count sheep; draw sheep; and if you've a sheep in your room, shave a sheep; sing something you like; make a playlist of videos you like on YouTube; tap your feet to the rhythm of your heart; remember; forget; pine; turn on your television; read a book; write a book; eat something; cook something and get someone else to eat it; call a friend; make a new one coz you just woke someone up in the middle of the night; take a shower; take a bath; download a video; draw; play a game; breath; watch an insect crawl across a room; grow a plant; watch it grow; wait for the next minute to come; close your eyes; lie down; try sleeping for once.

Sometimes you'll never know what you'll find as you're sitting alone in your room. In the presence of silence, some of us fear; some of us hunger; some of us discover what is it to be us.

Take some time to think about the things that are important to you and how you think you want to deal with them. Is there a clear answer? Do you need a clear answer? Could the answer be right in front of you?

Prolonging the night. Try it sometimes.

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