Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some things

A happy life, loving wife, a great honeymoon in Hawaii, one baby girl, to kiss them every morning and night, to cook, a cat, to live in a house not too near and not far away from both our parents, time with family, time with friends, to write better, to dance, to read more, to earn more money, to save more money, to go to Egypt, to spend some time alone in a hotel room with nothing but the bathtub, to lose some weight, more clothes, more jeans, more pants, to trade stocks better, to predict the future, to wake up every morning thankful for the wonderful life I have.

But most of all I want it all to come true - once, amazingly, forever. It's been the same wish for so many years, and I've got all my heart set on making it the best.

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