Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Longest Flight

"So what, you're just gonna go?"

Long pause. Nothing said; the world screams a bitter silence sundae topped off with whipped cream and a bright red cherry. Chocolate rice is thrown on for extra effect, but there's no way I'm turned on by that dessert.

"Say something!"

She moved across the room with precision ease - it's like she knew what to get next, where to put them so she can get in and out in the quickest time. It's like she's been planning this for months. It's like I've been in the dark for years.

I took her hands and turned her around. She let out a gasp and the things she was holding dropped like rain into my desert -welcomed; hoped for; the best reality. I searched for her eyes but she kept her attention to the items on the floor.

Soon things were flying around - words included. We were each trying to explain the situation to the other, and I've always been a firm believer of loudest gets heard.

"Who gave you the right to make that decision?! You could've asked me first! What the hell am I supposed to do when you're gone?"

I won. She caved and stopped picking things up. Knees hit the floor and her hands followed as she caught her head. It's been laden with so much thought for so long, and I've neglected to notice that she must be feeling as bad as I am about what's happened.

There was a picture of us on the floor. It dropped when I threw it off the table. I picked it up - it was us two years ago in Egypt. I've been bugging her to go with me for awhile and she finally relented. We lost our bags on the way back, but we took home some Egyptian sand in our sandals as souvenirs. They're in a bottle right next to the picture, on the floor, on the bed, all over the god damn room.

Something hit me, and I followed her to the floor, passing her the picture and my pride.


"I know," she said finally looking at me, "I love you too."

I heard those words one more time as I waved goodbye at the airport. It's going to be three years before she comes back, but I know that anyone who'd want to sweat it out with me under the Cairo sun is definitely a keeper. I've already bought a ticket to visit her next month - planning a big surprise for my baby doll.

Because nothing's too troublesome for her, and half way around the world's a good place to go to find love.

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