Sunday, March 15, 2009


It was dark out. The rain had pelted the city with icy needles and a sliver bedpan formed over the streets. From up above, the landscape 's like diamonds on a black velvet cloth, shimmering as frozen gusts of wind swept through the. People with umbrellas scurry around in a hurry to get home before the big one came; it's surprising they knew to anticipate. Up high two stars fell from the horizon.

That was us, and we sure weren't dancing - far from it actually.

"Don't you see? This is what we're meant to be!"

There was no turning back for me - I knew this was the moment. As I looked into her perfect eyes, the same ones I fell in love with so many years ago, I could see our future. We go way back - to when we were both innocent little school children who didn't know what the real world would be like. She was the most popular girl in campus, and I was guy who sat behind her looking. Things got a little weird after we became special. I decided to tell her how I feel and she high-tailed it to the clouds. I couldn't fly then, and I've never known where she flew off to and I didn't ask.

Years after her disappearance my own powers manifested, and I began to search for her more intensively. I wasn't going to let this chance slip by. I can still remember that day where she told me she liked me.

She liked me.

Time without her was a living hell. All day I was saving the lives of people I didn't know - suddenly elevated to the status of a savior simply because they say I am. There was no goodness in the pity I showed them. There was only hope - hope that all the meaningless and uneventful incidents will bring me closer to the public eye - to her eyes - and that I could once again tell her how much she means to me.

One day I snapped, and I flew away from the people who needed me.

I could go on and on with the memories, but I decided to make them come true; soaring through the clouds was a new experience for me, and it was really hard to control at first. I remember when she flew away from me - seemed like a piece of cake to her, but she's always been smarter than I am. All the time I went into the test room and came out with the best score, she'd just walk in and trump my ego.

And I loved her for that - all the strength, but yet there's very much the sensitive and loveble side of her - even more so than the powers we had.

Her voice was clear through the blasting gales, "It's just not possible! We're both living different lives now!"

What she said reminded me of a more recent past. We've had arguments like this before, and they all ended up in the same way - she said there could be something going for us, and I said something to goof it all up. I like to think of myself as the strong silent type - the perfect euphemism for someone who can't start a conversation to save his life.

I had a comeback for what she said. I've been rehearsing it for three years now, "I'm not going to let this happen!"

That was met with more discussions of how it was and how it can't be. We've been through this so many times I guess it must seem impossible by now.

Suddenly she stopped flying and stood there, her silhouette cast down into the city below by the light of the full moon. I've never noticed but the clouds have cleared and the stars have come out blaring, jealous of the attention I've been giving her.

I continued to ignore the stars, staring deeply into her eyes as her hair brushed against her cheeks. The winds hushed and I could hear her breathing become heavier. For all my years of searching have not prepared me for this moment, where she would stop running and instead wait for something to happen.

"So what now?"

I moved in closer, my eyes on hers the whole time. I'm winging it, and I'm dead sure I can't make a mistake. All the years of searching - following news report after news report of a superheroine from city to city - have paid off. She now stands infront of me - patient, watching, and waiting.

"I'm not going to screw this up," I told her as I took her into my arms. We hug for the first time, and it felt good.

As as I drew her close the stars dimmed.

"Please don't. I'm tired of running."

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