Monday, April 27, 2009

A flash, nothing more.

Time is my strangest bedfellow, huddling closely with Memory and Desire. When they talk they resonate within me a cruel concerto of loss and regret - the grand result of the union of my emotional trinity.

Today saw a nice meeting with a friend - badminton and then coffee followed by a surprisingly al dante Agli Olio. Prospective as it seems, the main gist of things revolve not around our conversations, but of a vision I received as we were talking.

I like to look into people's eyes when they talk... sometimes. It takes a good conversation or a very high level of interest in the person for me to do it, but it does happen.

Tonight was one of those instances, and as I looked at her I was visited by a face I've been wanting to see and hear from, lost from me for quite a number of days now.

As the story would go, I blinked and she disappeared, only to return moments afterwards.

No I'm not seeing things, but perhaps it brings me to the apex of my losing battle.

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