Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm not all wax lyrical gloom doom grumps

It's been a nice week full of work and opportunities for me. Couple that that a few nice occurrences and you've got one hell of a life. I don't do this often, but you're gonna get a nice little rundown of what happened over the last few.

Adrian gt hitched a few weeks ago - the first of the As as I would like to call it. He pointed out the weird connection the three of us had over dinner three days ago:

Abel, Adrian, and Arthur. All born in 1982. Only one other sibling in the family - a younger one, all born in 1985 (lest for mine, the other two are also As - Andrea and Andrew).


The sister's getting married the week after, and I'm really happy with how her life played out - loving husband, non-killer dog, comfy house. Congrats sis, I love ya and keep it up.

And then comes the next week. We're expecting more and more and MORE people coming down with the swine flu, so I'm gonna fire out a warning to all who I care about. Keep safe ok? I can't do with one less of any of you - some a lot more than others, but still my love goes out.

Wrote an entry in my facebook blog. Not the best, but it's the first piece of writing I've done in awhile. There's still this entry form for the short story writing competition on my desktop but I'm being lazy about that one.

And last of all, I've got many things to look forward to. Let's not screw this up this time ok?

Smile for me.

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