Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Joint Account

It's so scary I'm giving it a proper title, caps and all.

I guess it's a part of being together, or the preparation to be. For a good cause, yes, but as my darling sister put it - a small money box would also do.

Was on the bus today, passing by town and I saw the building, tall and alone in the empty sky, its red logo shining like a beacon of hope. It hit me then, that this could very well be the last time I make this decision. There was a questions I wanted to ask but for many years I've known the answer.

It may turn out another way, but chances are I'll never know coz I won't get a chance to ask.

Red and Shiny followed me throughout the winding curves of Orchard Road. There's a lot of people and even more cars. How I wish they'd all carpool and stop killing the environment. And stop honking the damn horns. You've already got 4 wheels how much faster do you want to go?

The guy next to me's sleeping, and he's leaning on me. The bus hits a bump and I toss him over to the other side and he wakes up. Sometimes people just need a little prod I guess.

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