Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A night in chinese

For those who don't know me that well, I actually speak mandarin quite well (not as horrid as you might think I would anyway).

But I only speak it to selected people. I guess it comes with being comfortable around them.

Tracy is one such person. She hails from the CF brand of colleagues. It's amazing how we still keep in contact.

CF was fun. It was one of those offices I would really look forward to every morning. Not for the work of course, but for the people. They were a really fun bunch, and I ended up really missing them when I left.

Anyway, the night started off in Chinatown, where I was fashionably late for our night's out. She's been raving about this restaurant for awhile so we took the crow's path.

A lot of wasted food later we left and made for Chinatown. Anyone who's gotten to know me a little would know I have this emotional connection to the place. So I couldn't resist taking a walk there with this dear friend.

She hates walking by the way. :)

I decided to buy some bak kwa for the other gals in the office and we made for the famous one across the street. Sidetracked by the air conditioning, then by OG where Tracy wanted to get some toys for her boy back in Malaysia.

But we got it in the end, and then went for coffee (another long walk).

Then the talking began - about the old office, about the new people in the old office, about the new things the new people in the old office did, about the girl she wants to introduce me, about insurance, about young people nowadays, about married life, about me, about her, about everything else.

You know I'm in a really good mood when I rattle on like a highschool girl.

Time with Tracy's always nice, so I've learnt to make the best of it (that usually means more walking).

Paid my bills (she fainted), then went to the bank (I fainted), then the cab ride home.

I asked her to move to Sembawang so we can be neighbors and she asked me to move to Simei so we can be neighbors.

Funny thing was, it was all in mandarin.

wo de hua yu hai zhen de mei you na me cha ma!

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