Friday, July 03, 2009

Reasons for being happy

Today is yet another day in the series of days that has he in a good mood.

Let's start with the morning - I got up late, and had to take a cab to work for the third consecutive day running. Nothing to be happy about.

So I got on the cab feeling really grumpy and ready for a nice nap to start the working day. I remember the toilet cubicle sleeping episodes I've heard from a few friends and didn't want to give that a try.

So the driver decided to chat me up. Return of the grumps.

Apparently he's seen me before. He told me he remembers me because I smile really nicely. That and I'm tall.

He's gay, but who cares. What a way to start the day!

So the rest of the good stuff came at work. As I probably would have mentioned before I work with a bunch of gorgeous ladies. Today we had a birthday celebration for yours truly and two more July babies.

This here's the card they gave me. Did I ever mention that I loved them to bits? Thanks for the wishes babes!

Lunch came, there was a slight headache. Had a meeting, more work, headache went off.

We had cake! And Swenson's ice cream cones! And I got a tub of haagen dazs all to meself!

Nice way to end the week huh? Tomorrow I'm meeting Abel for dinner at Aston's Prime. Angus Ribeye, here I come!

P.S. Just noticed my entries getting very girly. Will revert back to moody grumps writing as soon as I stop being so darn happy.


alifani said...

hey hun! happy belated birthday! sorry this is late. i was in a location with no access to internet.. excuses, i know. hope you had a fabulous time!

Arthur Wong said...

hello! you're not late actually! And I thank you for the wishes! See you in Oct non?

alifani said...

oooh... did i get the date wrong? i'm just too old art. yes, see you in oct!

Arthur Wong said...

yes, and when you come back I'll take you for a nice day out!