Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Sister's Wedding, Part Two

I got up at 6.45am and proceeded to get myself washed and cleaned and nice-smelling in anticipation for the big day.

The rest of the family has already been awake a few hours - my mum's more excited than my sister. Wait till you see my big day...

This here an abstract from my sister's blog:

"All the anxiety, all the preparations, all the stress. I wish it was tmr already."

Atta girl.

So the friends arrive, and they start chattering in the high-pitched noises that women make at weddings.

Then the relatives arrive and start chattering in the 'I'll-shout-in-your-face-because-I-know-you're-right-next-to-me' noises that relatives make at all damn occasions.

I just realized I had to pack ang baos. I got two ang baos.

The groom's damn early and wants to come up. My mum told him to wait because not all the relatives are here yet but he's here anyway.

I hear the noise at the door from my room, to which I've been banished for the good part of the morning because I'm the elder brother and needs to hide out in my room in embarrassment because I am ashamed of not getting married before she has.

Oh the guilt.

They're singing now, but I didn't see them prepare the customary wedding goodies for the groom and his mates so they're getting off easy. Good. Last thing I want my sister to do is get married to a pissed off groom.

So here I am, waiting for my big entrance. The stage is set for my baby sister's wedding, and I've lived to see it all.

Soak it all in, because this is fantastic.


alifani said...

congratulations then to the family...

Arthur Wong said...

you should've been there... everyone was asking me to get married. If this continues any longer I foresee a vietnam bride........