Monday, July 06, 2009

When shopping just won't do

Ever missed someone before?

It is a horrible feeling, yet also the best kind.

Spring flowers sit
Smiling from the morning's touch
Waiting for the rain.

And like all haiku there is a story to it. Maybe one day I can tell this tale of missing and hoping. I was crafting it a little as the sunshine shown through the window and touched my face this morning. Oh how I wish.

Still is the morning
When sun and rain and clouds meet
With much left undone.

The dog was lying down somewhere in the room because I felt something moving towards the door. She sat there, looking at me, but all I could do was remain lying in bed, enjoying the sun in my face.

I think the same things I've been thinking, and how they keep bringing me back to the same place I've always been. Deplorable situation really.

Fingers tapping slow
On the wooden tabletop
From morning to night.

But here I am nonetheless, missing.

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