Monday, September 07, 2009


It's one of those days when you just sit around and not do much.

It's depressing to see a weekend go to waste like this, but we're all still young, so I guess there's more to look forward to.

On a side note, Manhattan Fish Market - don't go there.

Saturday was spent trying to play badminton. As my colleague put it, I had actually been fasting for 2 days thanks to previously-mentioned 'restaurant', so it's kind of a given that I was panting an hour into the game. Still, we got a good 2 hours out of it.

It was Suntec for a shirt (kudos to the free voucher from the same colleague), and then to the office to get some work for the home.

Being sick for the last 2 days pretty much means I've got some overtime waiting for me in the office. Seeing how I pretty much spend the most of the time after work at home anyway, I guess it's still acceptable.

Note to self: get a life.

And then on Sunday, I took a gamble on the tummy and had nasi lemak for breakfast (and you wonder why the exercising won't work). Seems ok, so I stuck on for duck noodles for dinner. That one took its toil and I'm having a little bit of a relapse. Gonna take the pills the doctor gave me and hope it helps.

Other than that exciting episode, I've been pretty much staring at my computer screen doing most of nothing. Static.

Tried sleeping, but here I am in the middle of the night. Got some rest about 7pm so I think it's taking its toil.

Side note: get a life.

Seems typing works. Eyes are getting heavy, and I'm all ready for a post-mc syndrome Monday.

Thinking of some stuff, but hope those go away soon. Thinking of other stuff, but hope those go away too.

Ain't we all part of a sad sad bunch?



ikan bilis said...

hoped ya feeling better by now!!

Arthur Wong said...

Nothing a good night's sleep won't help!