Sunday, May 02, 2010

Iron Man 2 - A Review

As all movie reviews go - I do not apologize if you read this and then tell me that I spoil it for you.

Tony Stark is a narcissist, and the scriptwriter (forgive me for not googling your name) did a good job of using an insurmountable number of “I“s in the show.

Right off the bat, as the heavy suit falls from a C-130 in to a roaring crowd at the Start Expo, Anthony Stark - played to perfection by self-absorbent flavor of the month Robert Downey Junior (check out his article n the December ‘09 Esquire) - let loose a barrage of bigotry worthy of the bringer of world peace.

Heck, I even caught the eyeball roll when he had to share the limelight with a video footage of his old man Howard. That was before he did a test check on the toxicity of his blood. The audience is introduced to Iron Man’s first dilemma - he is dying.

Then comes problem number two - because all superheroes need to lead a complicated life - Pepper Potts.

Ex-Secretary and now CEO of Stark Industries, love interest Gwyneth Paltrow not only has to continually look good, but also has to handle sharing HER limelight with vavavoom Scarlett Johansson. That, and she’s kept in the dark about Tony’s health issue while having to run the company which now apparently functions as Iron Man’s PR consultancy firm.

Every superhero movie needs a villain. Every AMERICAN superhero movie needs a villain with a weird accent. Iron Man has Ivan Vanko, played by Mongolian-looking-Russian-Accented -American actor Mickey Rourke.

He tears things apart in the movie.

And now we get to the main point of an action movie. Big explosions and lights and fireworks so real you get warm and sweaty watching it.

Golden Village at Yishun offers an experience like no other in cinematic-reality. While other theaters boast high-tech 3D projectors that bring the action to you, GOLDEN VILLAGE YISHUN 10 is the only cinematic wonder that takes you into the heat of the explosions and high-flying stunts YOU PAID TO ENJOY!

They do that by turning off the air conditioning.

Iron Man never felt more real. When Tony Stark made his escape from the cave in the first part, I bet all he thought about was how to add in that air ventilating system into the next model.

Iron Man 2 features more explosions and flying objects to rival the first, and with the introduction of sidekick War Machine, it promises to be a slug fest like no other.

Me, I got a personal tour of action - right into the hot balls of fire that is the idiocy of cinema management. I bet it does wonders for the soft drink sales (which they jack up like 40 billion times).

Three Stars.

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