Saturday, September 11, 2010

Of being pointless

I played badminton with my bro's kid today. It was thrown around as an idea last week and I really didn't think he'd be up to it.

But he was and we had a nice morning teaching him proper strokes and how to breathe.

I told him that if he didn't breathe properly during the game he could die of cardiac arrest, and then got him to take three deep breaths in and out before he could play on.

That, and to drink his water in tiny sips.

I had a lunch appointment next, and we got into a cab so I could drop him off to Bishan. I told him to sit up straight and to put down his mobile phone when I'm talking to him.

"I'm playing soccer," he told me, to which I said that I don't care.

This kid is special because my bro says he is, and since I tend not to argue with him coz he's downright stubborn, I try my best to nurture him when I can.

That can sometimes involve using the whole "dangling a carrot" routine.

So if he manages to pass his final exams with 2 A's and no fails, I'll buy him a psp.

But of late he's been telling me that he sucks at this and sucks at that.

So I'm giving him remedial lessons every week now.

I hope he doesn't mess up my house.

So lunch came and it was Thai food with an old colleague. I've actually recommended this Thai restaurant to someone a week back but since it's quite a way where she live I guess it'll be awhile before I can sit her down here.

Back to the story, my friend got a new house near his workplace. His kid's going to school down the road, and he's starting to pool resources into currency trading.

He also gave me some good advice I intend to try out soon.

Halfway through the meal he got a call from his son.

"Did you have lunch?"


"Oh you had fish!"

"That means you had lunch then!"

I may not look like it, but I like kids. This day's interaction made me wonder what mine will be like, and how I'm going to treat them.

So lunch ended I took a bus home, and then my heart started to miss.

But enough questions. I have a bollywood movie to watch at home, and secondary school math to relearn.

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