Sunday, September 05, 2010


There are things in your life that you won't forget - the first time you found a wallet; that smack on your face delivered by your teacher for talking in class; the time you cut off your long hair.

They are fresh in our minds, no matter how busy we are or how much we think we've changed. From the time they happen, they replay in our minds - resonating ever so often until they etch a permanent place in our memories.

They may be good things, they may be bad, but what I know is that they are mine. More unwilling than selective, but these memories are mine to keep.

And I write them, that you would see this and remember what I hold treasured. It's not amazing that I remember, for the wonder lies in the person and things that give them meaning to me.

And ever so often, I think about them. And ever so true, they still stop my heart.

So breathe in, and take in the wonder.

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