Friday, September 17, 2010

When no means no

And Alice stepped through the looking glass once again, full expecting to reunite with her friends in Wonderland.

The first step was easy, and she dived headfirst into the nostalgic tunnels. Down and down and down she went, plummeting through the familiar darkness.

"Soon," she counted, and sure enough she landed with a thump in the upside-down room. Thump again, she was on her feet as she fixed herself back upright.

The table stood in the middle of the room, and the doors all around. She smiled, and got to drinking the magic potion.

She winced. The water never tasted nice, and she remembers how she only shrunk to half the normal amount because she spat some out one time.

Soon she felt the familiar tingling down her spine as the potion took effect. Her head felt heavier as she look down and saw her feet come closer and closer.

"Wonderland, here I come!" the little girl exclaimed.

But this time Alice did not grow smaller. As she fell limp to the ground, she let go of the key she'd use to unlock the door. With her last breath, she heard the metallic ringing of the fallen key echo in her head.

And with each ring she would see a picture of her time beyond the looking glass - pure, ageless, with naught a sense of pretense.

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