Saturday, January 01, 2011

Back to One

I sat down to breakfast at Starbucks, deprived of coffee for the last few days because of the flu bug. Those who know me enough will remember my drink, but this time it was a decaf, and the devil chocolate cake is replaced with a nice Old Fashion Chocolate - a warm lava cake disguised as a doughnut.

The Starbucks at Yishun has also since changed it's unit, relocating from it's ideal second storey space facing the main road to a noisy corner right up the escalator. Sure it's 24 hours and the human traffic's heavy, but there's no replacing the ambiance brought by a second-storey balcony view yes?

And it all felt familiar - the way the coffee smells (mostly heavenly, but slightly trashy ever since I discovered Highlander Coffee Academy), the sound of the barista slamming the hammer down to empty the pressed beans, the nostalgic thump of my cup hitting the wooden table.

I guess it's like riding a bike. So many years and still I remember.

What a way to end the year.

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