Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh it's true

Many people would have heard it from me, but I'll say it here again for dramatic effect - 2011's been a sucky year for me so far.

First off, I've been sick TWICE. I spent the best part of the year-end holiday lying in bed with the flu, only to catch it back a week after I recover. That means no proper exercise for a whole month and a whole lot of flab.

Next comes my mum, whom manged to get her arm fractured from falling. It's in a cast now and she's got 20 more days to get better before she gets to see a specialist for a review.

Finally comes my dad, who's currently in SGH waiting for a bypass operation on his heart. His constant breathless spells have led him to a treadmill test at KTPH, which then led to his admission into SGH. The family's been really strung up with his episode and hopes he gets out soon.

As an aftertaste, my mum's been so affected by dad's admission that she's starting to be careless around the house. Today's drama involved her leaving the stove on after making some chinese medicine for dad - I returned home to a whiff of burning metal that is the dried up pot left atop a small flame for at least 12 hours.

And don't get me started about Dad's condition. It's been a roller coaster ride and I hope for the sake of us all that it ends soon.

Latest news - the operation's going to be on Friday if the CT scan on his large intestines turn out negative. The house is in less of a mess because of hired help, so I'm a little less bothered by it all.

We're all tired. Trouble is I don't see an end to this yet. Not till Dad gets wheeled into the operating theater for a procedure that involves stopping his heart.

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