Sunday, February 06, 2011

Master Chef-Dishwasher-Laundryman in the making

Things are (almost) back to normal at the Wong household, lest the fact that my mum's hand is still in a cast and my dad's got a 6-inch scar across his chest, left hand and left thigh.

So there's the house work - loads of it. We've been trying to get a helper for the parents but it's the Chinese New Year so tough luck on that. For the time being it's me and the sister who's up for chore-duty.

One of the good things that came out of it is that I've got to spend a lot of time in the kitchen (mum insists that take-out food is filled with poison for dad so she cooks every meal for him: and by "she" I meant "me").

Good training for when I get me a family of my own no?

Helper, come quick.

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