Thursday, March 03, 2011

Going home, the SMRT experience

Normally I'll take the train to Marina Bay and get me a seat on the whole way back, but when I'm meeting my buddy for a gamut session, I let that slide and go direct from work to home instead.

So halfway along the journey this guys gets up and stands directly in front of me. Black t-shirt carrying a haversack.

Did not have deodorant. Or a bath. Or knowledge of personal space.

So I did the best thing possible - I turned away.

Straight into whiffing distance of a sweaty secondary school boy. I hate how they smell with their lousy quality cotton uniforms and presence of too much sweat.

So fuck that, I can't turn back now can I? So I walked towards the door where the aircon vent was.

And it's not that I have anything about our dark-skinned foreign workforce, but all that hard work and low pay kinda places deodorant pretty low on the shopping list.

All this, so I could meet a buddy who was late in the end.

NIVEA, for your consideration, there's a HUGE demographic you're missing out here...

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