Sunday, June 12, 2011

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Prince Oversize Black

I got 2 solid hours with the racket and I must say it's quite a surprise how much a bigger head can do for your game. Gives new meaning to the term "use your head" I guess.

Clears and smashes didn't take much work, and the larger head gave my net game a little boost since it's sweet spot is slightly larger (20% according to Prince). Triple Threat or no, the shuttle moved fast and crisp.

Defense-wise the racket performed noticeably slower than the Carlton Fireblade, but I'm comparing apples to oranges with the weight difference.

I'll give the Black a few more games and compare it with my other singles rackets before I go deeper with a review.


Faidz said...

I have Prince Black Pearl XP and essentially they are somewhat similar rackets.

What I find is, though they have bigger sweet spot, the power is lower.

If you compare the power from the FX8, I'd say the FX8 is superior in power and accuracy. The compact head of the FX8 really rewards those who can find the sweet spot.

Nonetheless, Prince always makes good rackets and I find them to be the underdog in badminton rackets. More people should try least the TT2400 or the TT2500.

Just my 2 cents ;)

Arthur Wong said...

Hey there! It's a little hard to find Prince rackets here but I give the Black a thumbs up.

Hear you on the lack of power and I think it's due to the larger head giving less torque.

The Black Pearl's oval headed and darn nice lookin' but I settled for the Black as it seemed to be a little lighter.