Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Collection

Well, I've got most of what I wanted to try out. Still giving some last thoughts about the Bravesword Series from Victor, but for now here's the whole deal:

From left to right: Carlton Fireblade FX8, Yonex Voltric 5, Victor Spira 21, Yonex ArcSaber Z-Slash TH, Prince Oversize Black, RSL M10 Heat 700, and APACS WREX Punch


Faidz said...

Nice collection you got there. Looking forward for your Spira review.

Just a suggestion, maybe you could do a review on strings.

And one more thing, try and have a look at www.racket2u.com. There is a brand called A1 and they cloned a few rackets.

My brother bought the clone for BS10/11(not sure which) for only RM150. Surprisingly, it actually feels great. Even my stringer told me that it is essentially the BS10 with other brand.

And the seller told us they can't confirm they are the same thing because of legal issues. But what they did disclose is the fact that they uses the same grade material and moulding.

Arthur Wong said...

Thanks for reading man! I'm quite indifferent on strings - using BG66 and BG66UM at the moment.

Will definitely check out the website! Thanks for the referral!