Sunday, September 18, 2011

Badminton String Tension

So after I've done myself a big favor and chose a nice standard string for all my rackets, I went and experimented with string tension to see which one I'm most comfortable with.

This came about when I started using the Voltric 80 at 24lbs and found it a darling to smash with. Then came the weekend game with the test run of the Voltric 60 with BG66 at 24lbs. I also brought along my Carlton Vapour Trail S-Lite which was strung at 26lbs with BG66 Ultimax, as well as a Prince Oversize Black strung at 26lbs with BG66 Ultimax.

So two head heavy rackets at two different tensions and one head-light one at a higher tension.

The result was conclusive - I had better control and ease of play when I use the Voltric 60. There was less effort overall, and I ended up with better results against my opponent.

So today I went and cut the strings on the S-Lite, replacing it with BG66 strung at 24lbs.

Second phase of the test comes Wednesday.

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