Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back home a hero

The heavy wooden door closed behind me as I entered the captain's room. It seemed a different world to the one that I stepped out from.

Sever was obviously a fan of trinkets, for all matters of tokens were sprawled in every corner. It looked more like a museum than the quarters of a respected seaman.

The man was seated in front of me. He had chosen to take his place behind the desk, away from the small dining table decorated with splendid teapots and serving trays.

There was a parchment lying on the table.

"The brave Mr Cook, back home a hero after the conquest of alien lands!

"That's what they'll be saying of you when we port at Yogava isn't it?" the Captain chuckled.

That a man so mannered would display such a mockery baffled me. I kept silent.

His eyes narrowed, lips curled into a slot as he stated me down, "Do you what that is, Mr Cook?"

The parchment was pushed towards me. It was rolled, but the broken seal was unmistakable; the error of my ways have caught up. There was no need to read it.

"Dear Captain, I believe my offer to bring me to Yagova is a very lucrative one for you and your crew. I expect it to be fulfilled regardless of the consequences," was my answer to Sever.

The Captain stood up, his chair landing hard onto the floor. Heavy footsteps place him towering in front of me. He did not speak, choosing to breathe heavily down my face.

I could not falter, "And I believe I have more than enough to spare you the trouble of calling the British dogs on me."

He smiled. There was a sharp pain in my chest, but still I could see him smile. I looked down and saw a dagger in me, and as he withdrew the blade from my beating heart I could see his smile widen.

"You do not come in to my ship a wanted man, threaten me with your riches, and tell me what to do with myself, Mr Cook," he slid back to his desk, wiping the blade on his trousers.

I buckled to the floor, my knees giving way as the vision stated to blur.

He gave a signal, and the door behind me opened. Heavy boots carrying a heavy man entered the room. There was the smell of death about his, drenching the room with blood and sweat.

"Look around you, Mr Cook. We have no use for your gold out here in the ocean! My men are hungry for a little more than riches."

The Captain turned towards his collection, "That pocket watch of yours will make a handsome addition."

Big hands clamped down on my arms as he dragged me out. I could hear the imbeciles cheering, no longer making fun of the unwelcome guest. They looked at me like wild tigers, after playing with their prey.

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