Monday, December 05, 2011

Badminton Strategies and Tactics: an overview

I've always been amazed when I watch Peter Gade play the game of badminton.

The commentators say he's a master tactician, but you'll never know until you've watched a series of his games in succession.

From one game to another, Gade employs a myriad of strategies for different opponents - moving and forcing them into corners before delivering the coup de grace.

Taking him as an inspiration, I've slowed my game down and taken note of the various kinds of games I tend to, or could stand to, play.

I've roughly categorized these into two broad terms: Strategies and Tactics.

The first is the overall game plan, and it comes with a desired result in the physical and mental state of the opponent.

Tactics are like special moves in a fighting game that helps you get that big point in - moves and tricks that helps you attain your strategy's goal.

I'll leave it at that for a moment. Take some time to think about your own strategies and tactics. How many do you have? How many do you use in a game? Who do you use it against?

All very useful questions.


Sammy boyee's Blog said...

4-5 tactics... depends on your opponent.

Arthur said...

Well, all tactics depends on your opponent :)