Saturday, December 17, 2011

Basic Badminton Strategies: Defensive Roulette

The game of badminton has changed quite a bit. From the 15-point system to the current 21-point one, a lot of emphasis has now been put on offense and the hay-maker smash.

Because of this trend, more and more players and their rackets have skewed towards the stiff, head-heavy orientation. Winning the game becomes a game of who can smash harder and faster instead of the more gentlemanly approach of maneuverability and tactics.

And because of this style of play, a lot of players are finding it hard to defend against their opponents. A good defense is vital if you're to play a good game. Not just because you'll present a solid obstacle for your opponent's main point-winning strategy (to smash your face in), but also to convert the defensive shots into opportunities that you can use to get in your very own face-breaker.

Defensive Roulette takes into premise the need to focus your attention to channeling the smashes to directions other than DIRECTLY AT THE SMASHER. Not only does this disrupt the rhythm of their attack, it may at times steal their second smash right from under their noses.

Keep in mind the Triangle Principle, and calm yourself down before you take the shuttle to an advantageous corner away from the attacker.

And always remember to do that split step!

General strategies are the precursor to the offensive or defensive ones, so use these well and you'll be setting yourself up for a combo sooner than you think.

Coming up next: Defensive Strategies - Punch Clear.

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