Sunday, March 11, 2012

Voltric Z-Force Update

I had another go with a 3U version this morning, and found the wrist attacks a dream. The racket was forceful and really, really quick.

One thing though, the control was way off. Only one of 4 of my drives actually hit the inside of the court.

So I got myself a 4U one to try out tomorrow. More updates soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am interested in how the 4U version goes for you? You seem to be one of the few who has access to both the 3U and 4U version to compare...

AW said...

Hi! I've only had about 2 hours with the 4U VTZF and I already feel more control coming from the racket.

I'll stick by my first impression of the racket being less user-friendly than the VT80, which honestly amazed me at the get-go.

But I do notice me thing - the VTZF offers an amazing drive speed! Users of the wrist will find this racket extremely satisfying if they are able to the control issue down.

Will be doing a more thorough review on the racket once I get more playing time.

Ivan Liong said...

i wanna to ask, is it the serial number at the handle there is it in white of colour and not clear? and the hologram sticker is in colourful colour but not in gold colour is it? and is from SP is it?

Arthur Wong said...

Hi Ivan, all you said was true, though the last one may very according to where the racket was shipped from.

But racket shipped to Singapore from Japan will have the South Pacific (SP) branding.

The serial number is laser-engraved, so it's a little hard to spot on the white matt finishing of the racket.

The oval Yonex hologram sticker now has a rainbow-colored band running through the center with the brand Yonex clearly printed.

Ivan Liong said...

Thanks for ur information. Our malaysia one oso is SP branding. That mean it really make in Japan is it? but why not write it JP branding?
Malaysia online selling price now is RM600. is it consider original racket? Now all the hologram sticker for yonex racket is in rainbow-colored band? is it want to prevent the copyright from others?

Arthur Wong said...

Hi Ivan, I've turned in for the night so I'll try to upload a photo of the hologram sticker later tomorrow after work.

All high-end rackets are made in Japan, but I guess they code the different regions so that it's easier to keep track.

Yonex hologram stickers used to be either clear or gold depending on the racket. It's the first time I've seen it with a rainbow band. The sticker's hologram is used to differentiate the original from copies.

The image should be a 3d hologram, and is hard to peel off. (I'm not encouraging you to try though!)

You can read up on how to spot an original Yonex from a copy on the Yonex website. It's good to buy from s reputable store, so you might want to check in with the guys from the Badminton Central Forum on this, as well as the price for the racket.

Hope this helps! Good night!

Ivan Liong said...

Hi Arthur, actually i want to see the both serial number to see whether i can read it or not ya~how to post the picture at here~bcoz i want to show u the picture of VTZF that i want to buy~to let u check whether is original or not~sori for inconvenient.

Arthur Wong said...

No worries Ivan, I think the racket's too new to have replicas running around at this time. You can email pictures of your racket to me at

I tried to take pictures of the serial number but it's extremely hard due to the low visibility of the laser engraving on the matte finishing of the shaft.

There's a thread in the BC forums to chek serial numbers though. You might want to seek counsel there.

Ivan Liong said...
Arthur, this one very clear o~

Arthur Wong said...

I'm afraid I don't have the expensive camera use to take that shot :)

Now you have an idea of how it should look at least. I'm sure there's a photo of the hologram stiff in the set of photos as well.

Ivan Liong said...

arthur, now i want to buy the racket between VTZF and VT80~can u give me some suggestion that which one is better to use?

Arthur Wong said...

Hi Ivan, there are two schools of thoughts on the VTZF, and I happen to be on the side of the VT80.

I've written a review on the VT80 While back, and you can get more info from there.

To me, the VT80 is a more user-friendly racket that's better as an overall racket. The VTZF seems to me very offense-oriented and requires a certain amount of patience and skill to get used to.