Sunday, May 06, 2012

Badminton String First Impression: Yonex Nanogy 95

I'm a recent convert to the 0.68mm strings after feeling more control come off the BG80. I was tempted to give the NBG95 a try because of the color (Cosmic Gold!) and got it strung on my newly acquired Toalson Camblade Rev 2.

Right off the bat the string has a nice feel to it, something very similar to the sensation that I felt from the BG80. The clears were beautiful and the smashes came off the string bed after a period of holding. All that translated to a little more control than what I feel from the NBG98 which was strung on a racket I also brought to the court today.

Could this be a new discovery in my playing preference? Only time will tell as I spend more time with the Yonex NBG95 and BG80.


Eric said...

I have used the nanogy 95 twice now. I prefer the bg80 (my favorite) but the nanogy lasts a lot longer. Both times, I have had the cut the strings out because they got soft after several months of usage. BG 80's usually last me 1 to 2 months where as the nanogy 95 lasted my 6.

Arthur Wong said...

I'm only into my first BG80 and NBG95 - both feel about the same to me, but I've yet to test them out over a longer period.

Thanks for the feedback!

Pat Swing said...

NBG95 gives you a feel for more control as it is less repulsive than BG80, specially if your racquet is stiff and head heavy.

In fact when I use extra stiff head heavy racquets I string them with BG65 which is even more on the hold side, in order to have a countereffect and a better control on net play.

Arthur Wong said...

Thanks for the insight Pat! I'm trying to switch to a higher tension string, so I might just give your comments some consideration when choosing which string to use!