Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Badminton Rackets: Special Editions

It it just me, or do the Victor Special Edition rackets seem to cost so much more than the regular ones? The Yonex ones that I've come across - VT80, VTZF, NS9900, Ti10, AS10, and AT700 - have all been but $20 more than their original counterparts.

Can someone with better knowledge of Victor rackets and their pricing shed some light on what makes their limited editions that much more valuable (if any reason at all)?

Much appreciated!

Victor Bravesword Lee Yong Dae

Victor Meteor X London


Anonymous said...

I own both of them (BRS-LYD & MX-LONDON)
The LYD is customised to fit LYD's request nothing special but it has some qualities that are in between the more commonly purchased BRAVESWORDs. This goes for the MX-JJS too, but it has the specifically located graphene at the T-joint, which is a more expensive and high tech graphite.
The MX-LONDON however, is limited in production (5000 in the world) and has certain particular materials and technologies that their regular production rackets do not have. I can proudly say the MX-LONDON is between MX-80 and MX-70, but still depends on personal opinion.

Arthur Wong said...

Thanks for the information! Looks like the MX London will be hard to acquire for a test run :(