Sunday, September 09, 2012

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Bekia Meteor X80 Replica

Here's another one of the quality rackets from budget makers Bekia, this time modeled after the infamous Victor Meteor X80.

There lies a power in this racket that I can't describe. When you pull off a good smash with the Bekia Meteor X80 Replica, you can feel so much power.

Too bad that power comes at a cost. There's also something funny about how this racket feels that lets me perform the most number of mis-hits that I've ever remembered myself doing.

The saving grace being, that in a few more strokes, you'll more or less get used to the length and speed.

Rather confusing and hard to comment on for now, so let me get a few games with this and I'll see if it's enough for me to handle this potential masterpiece.

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