Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Pro-Kennex Nano X2 9000

From the first racket I bought when I picked up the sport, to the first I've ever had.

This brand brings back memories. I can't remember the model that I owned back in primary school, but it's great to see the brand up and rising.

The Nano X2 9000 isn't the first of the new series of Pro-Kennex rackets, but it's easily the nicest looking. Giving me a reason to finally use green strings, the racket is half matte and half gloss-finished, giving it a very unique texture as you run your hands along it.

It's got a great swing too, very fast and very sharp thanks to the light weight and the even balance. the resultant drive is very, very fast. I dare say one of the fastest that I've ever thrown (and this is comparing it to the Yonex Voltric Z-Force).

Smashes with the wrist also come off very well, and that makes securing the net a very fun affair. Some things add to this - the power wedge at the 2 and 10 o'clock position of the head frame, and the new spiral graphite shaft that adds to the stiffness.

Light weight plus extra stiff shaft plus slight weight orientation at the front equals a very fast smash for those who use very little swing.

But one thing that's missing is the weight. Standing at 4U, the racket seems to be very difficult to clear with. I usually play at 23lbs for doubles, but the aerodynamics of the Pro-Kennex Nano X2 9000 (and the overall green color scheme) made me switch to BG66 Ultimax @ 25lbs.

Perhaps it's the tightening of the strings, perhaps it's the construction of the racket, but the clears on this were very disappointing. It's even shorter than my head light rackets.

Maybe more practice will help. Review soon.

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