Thursday, October 04, 2012

Out of Shape

Not playing for about a month has been hard on the body, both physically and mentally. Especially physically.

I notice the flabs starting to form, and it's now a concerted effort to eat less. I think I'll have to get my feet back to the jogging track. Hope that the muscles will be able to take light jogging.

Mentally, it's torturous to not be able to play badminton. Since I started getting serious in wanting to play the game about 3 years back, I've played an average of at least twice a week. Stopping cold turkey like this isn't a good way to treat the mind.

On the bright side, the muscles have been recovering at a good rate since visiting the physiotherapist and the complete stopping of all things sport.

For now, at least to fight the flabs from ruining my shirts and pants, I'll have to start the circuit routine at home and put on my jogging shoes.

Oh, and eat less.

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Anonymous said...

Abs exercise at home!!!