Monday, November 05, 2012

Badminton Strings: Yonex BG80 Power

It's been awhile since I wrote a review, and it might be a longer wait because I've yet to regain my form on the court... Footwork has slowly come back to me, though nowhere as fast as before, and the mis-hits have decreased.

Let's hope the next few sessions will do better for my technique.

For now, I'd like to give some attention to the strings. The Yonex BG80 Power to be exact. Seasoned users of the BG66 and BG66 Ultimax might not fancy the 0.69mm thickness of the string, but trust me when I say that this string is a must try for heavy smashers.

Since it's launch slightly before the Olympics this year, this string has become my go-to for doubles rackets. I'm not a heavy attacker during singles play, but I've learnt to channel more aggression when I'm on my doubles games and that means loads more shuttles coming down.

The Yonex BG80 Power gives me truck loads of power when it comes to the hard smashes. Excellent repulsion from the string bed means the shuttle leaves the racket double time, and the speed it launches at the opponent is amazing.

AND I've only got it at 23lbs. My singles rackets are strung at 25lbs.

Having the strings thicker also means there's more contact with the shuttle, and that makes the light shots easier to feel for me. I might just be a fan of thick strings, since I use the 0.68mm Yonex Nanogy primarily for singles play, but the BG80 Power really gave me a good feel with the variety of shots that I like to play throughout a match.

I've been searching around for good, reliable strings to fall back on, shuffling between the Nanogy 98 and BG66 Ultimax for the longest time, but it seems that the BG80 Power has filled the spot for doubles rackets.

For the win.


fRAGMa said...

I didnt try the string but still I red many people went back to the legendary BG80 after a trial with this one. How comes that.

Arthur Wong said...

I like the feel of the BG80 as well, but this one gives a bit more ummph on the smashes I feel.

John Kang said...

would you say bg 80 p generated more power then nanogy 98?? coz my nanogy lasts only 2 weeks need to change strings soon

Arthur Wong said...

I would think so. My AT900T is strung with it and it packs a punch!

Chris Nguyen said...

Hi Arthur,
Now I'm have looked at and tried different strings. BG66 Ultimax, Nanogy 98, BG 65Ti, BG 80Power, and Nanogy 98 are the ones I tried. How would compare these 5 strings in terms of repulsion power-durability-hitting sound/feeling-control?
Thank you very much

Chris Nguyen

Arthur Wong said...

Hey there Chris, I don't like to comment on strings because they're really personal. What works for one person or racket may be different for another.

The only advise I can give is to trust your own feel of the way the shuttle comes off the string. Does it do exactly what you want it to?

I typically use the NBG99 and 98s. The rest don't really work for me.

The 99 has a little more control and grip for me. The 98 gives better repulsion.

If you're a hitting sound person, the Aerosonic is a good one to consider. I personally don't like the feel though. Very high repulsion which results in a loss in control since the shuttle can't stick to the string bed long enough.

ACHIN said...

I personally think bg80 is better than bg80 power. Bg80 normal has more shuttle contact time , feel and slightly more powerful, ie, shuttle really bounce the ball off.

Arthur Wong said...

Great that you've found a string that you're comfortable with AChin!