Thursday, January 17, 2013

Badminton Racket Review: Yonex ArcSaber 8DX

First impressions here.

I've probably spent the most consecutive hours on this racket than any other... And not because it feels so good, but because I'm trying to get something good out of this racket.

I mean, it's a Yonex right?

 Note. This review is my opinion of the racket from using it in my games. Take this with a pinch of salt since we all play the game differently. I'm here to tell you, in as much accuracy as I can, how my games went with the racket. Comments welcome!

Ok here goes.

Yonex ArcSaber 8DX
Est Dry Weight: 98g (3U)
Grip Size: G5
Balance: Even
Stiffness: Super
Strings: Yonex BG80 Power @ 23lbs

I recommend this racket for singles play.

Have you ever played video games and saw this big heavy dude with a gun? The Yonex ArcSaber 8DX makes you feel like that guy. Everyone thinks you're a pushover and takes a shot at you, only to have you have no choice to soak up all the damage because the darn racket won't allow you to move fast at all.

For smashes, it's too heavy to get a decent lift. The followup smash will be painful. For drives, it's too heavy to give a decent return. The followup smash from the front of the net will be painful. For drop shots, it's too heavy to give you decent movement on the court. The weak return drop will give a painful net tap.

Two things from the ArcSaber 8DX will be your challenge - its weight and its staggering stiffness. Both too difficult for me to overcome.

You know that big guy you always liked to aim at? He also always happens to have a big gun. The 8DX gives you a pretty good attack, what with the weight and the stiffness. Solid hits from the overheads have got to be its few redeeming qualities.

Shuttles will fly off fast from its string bed, and it will be a threat from the back court, but watch for that return drive because it'll be your downfall.

Because it's an ArcSaber, the control that be that far off. The 8DX gives you a good sense of the shuttle, but seldom did it make me feel in control because of the lack of flex in the shaft.

Something so stiff gives every hit a dull feel, and that makes calculating the shot that little bit harder. From the drops to the clears to the smashes and drives, there's just that little bit of accuracy missing.

Classy. The Yonex ArcSaber 8DX combines white, red, black and bronze into a very nice combination. The beauty is also in the details - how the bronze becomes glossy at the ArcSaber's signature Carbon Nanotube decal at the head frame, the textured shine at the ArcSaber lettering down the shaft, and the bronze / gold finish at the cone when you hold it to a light. Delicate.

Yonex ArcSaber 8DX
Defense: 5
Offense: 7
Control: 7
Looks: 8


Valxen said...

The arcsaber 8DX performs much better at higher tensions than 23lbs,

also, the weight distribution in arcsaber 8dx's is somewhat unreliable? I own 3 of this racket with one of them feeling very light with the other 2 feeling very heavy, the light one plays superior to the heavy ones

Arthur said...

Since rackets are hand-made to some extent, you'd expect a litte variation.

I don't have multiple copies of the same racket like you do, so I can't really comment on the inconsistencies.

I've been trying out higher tensions, but have since sold my 8DX so unfortunately can't witness the racket in its full glory.

Experience with the racket made me feel a lacking... Not sure if higher tension will solve it though.

WS said...

Everything you mentioned was spot on. But things start to get much much better when we try it with ashaway's zyMax 65 string , make the racket much more usable :)

Arthur said...

Thanks! Hope you have more fun with the racket than I did!!

I tried the Zymax 0.63 stings once... snapped on my second game..

Will look out for the 65 to see how it feels :)

Anonymous said...

I bought an 8dx as its characteristics are similar to my current racket and I wanted 2 similar racquets so if one breaks in a match I can continue with a similar racquet.
Well I tried it out in anger yesterday and it feels quite a bit different to my current racquet.
I seemed to have the opposite experience to Arthur Wong, it was light for quick and agile defence but the clears and smashes stronger than my current racquet. I loved it everything about it was natural. Id score it 9 out of 10, if it were cheaper id give it 10.

Arthur said...

Glad you found a racket that you could get used to :)

Happy swinging!!

VidyaPlus said...

Hi Guys,
thanks for the valuable comments. I just wanted to make sure that the picture shown in this post and Yonex arcsaber 008dx are same? felt something odd when I see the top writings! not sure whether there is a old version of 008DX

VidyaPlus said...

Sorry Guys, guess i got confused between arcsaber 8dx & arcsaber 008dx; as per my knowledge both are different rackets!
I am planning to buy this racket '008dx' did a research.Got lots of information from yonex website and
have seen a comment by arthur wong. guess he is referring to the old model. correct me if i am wrong! also provide the exact review about 'arcsaber 008 dx'.

thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

I'm a beginner at badminton and started out with the arcsaber 8dx. I want to up my game with a new racket, and would like some help choosing a new one. Any help is appreciated, thanls

Arthur said...

Hey there!

Good that you want to improve, but what do you feel is lacking in your game that warrants a new racket instead of some extra time on the court with a coach?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


After readig your review, i'am really in doubt buying this racket
Are this racket worth spending 150$ ?

Have you tested out Nanoray 600 and Voltric I-force
Can you then come with any comment on thoose rackets?

Arthur said...

Sorry Jakob, I've not used any of the two rackets so I can't really comment on those.

I've had friends who have used the I-Force though.. not really good user experiences from them.

Sorry I can't be of more help!

OnYourMark said...


I've been using a 2UG4 version of the Arcsaber 8DX for about a year and a half now and I do agree with you on this being extremely too stiff compared to my former Arcsaber 11 hence my arm being too tired after a day's worth of playing. I'm about to purchase a Duora 10 and I was hoping if you could give me an insight on how they compare?

I'd really appreciate your opinion on this. Thanks!

Arthur said...

Hey there Mark, if you're used to the 2U 8DX you'll find the Duora 10 a very light racket.

You can check out my review of the racket for more details, but in summary the Duora 10 is an even-balanced racket with mid-flex shaft.

You're probably looking at an easier time on court overall. I remember the 8DX being a horrible experience for me. The Duora 10 should perform better in defense and control, though I'm a bit unsure about the attacks.

The ArcSaber 11 is a closer match to the Duora actually, though I'm guessing the Duora 10 will perform better in defense.

Hope that helps!

OnYourMark said...


Yes, it did help. :) It's great that we have the benefits of being able to read racket reviews such as yours before we make purchases and it really does make our purchasing decisions better. Keep up the great work and thanks a lot!

Arthur said...

Just sharing my experience man, not like I'm a pro or anything :)

Happy I could help, and thanks for the kind words!