Tuesday, March 05, 2013

First Look: Adidas Badminton Rackets

Looks like the badminton world is crazy over the Adidas brand of rackets. They've not come to my country, but I've managed to dig something out from their Facebook page.

Split into categories, they've divided us players into four separate colors - Red for power, Yellow for speed Bronze for precision, and Green for versatile play.

Full range of Adidas badminton rackets
All images from the Adidas Badminton Facebook Page

With these four categories, you'll pretty much find every variation of weight / flex distribution. Expect the stiffer head heavy rackets in the red zone, while the light-weights will be yellow and the evens in the bronze.

Also on their Facebook are specifications for some of their rackets. I've included some of the top end ones, probably the ones I'll be looking for when they hit my shores.

Nothing new in the technology, but I'm more interested in the Precision and Zeros - these are the rackets more suited to my style of play. The head-heavy but light weight Precision Pro might actually be worth considering, while the Precision series offer one of the best designs in the range that they're let us preview so far.

The power rackets and the versatility aren't really a game-changer for me. There's loads of head heavy rackets around and I frankly think it actually takes less skill to make a head heavy racket than a useful light-weight one.

RSL tried their hands on the EVO series, offering up switchable weights around the rackets to give you the option of changing. But who cares, really.

Check out more rackets on their Facebook page, and also an interview with their first capture from the Yonex lineup - Viktor Alexsen.

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