Sunday, April 21, 2013

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Toalson Camblade Axe 13

At least that's what it says on the shaft.

Combining the Camblade grooves and aerodynamic axe head frame, this demo racket came my way on Thursday, and was given a fair shot on the courts against some very delectable players.

The stringer snapped one of demos from the force of his swing, so that didn't leave me with much to be desired. It was a demo racket after all and there was bound to be some defects here and there.

The Camblade Axe 13 comes with a longer head frame than most (it's about 3mm longer), reducing the length of its shaft, which then adds to its offense. The problem with this longer head frame is the instability that comes with it.

Every hit gives you the feeling that the head frame will snap... and that being the case (I was there when it happened) I was really careful on my first few test swings not to mishit.

But it all went away when I felt the force of the smashes this racket could produce. Easily one of the highest I've come across. My racket was strung with NBG98 at 25lbs, a little lower than my Pro Kennex Pro Flex 85 at 27lbs, but it still managed to cause quite a bit of threat.

Drives with this racket were amazing, and the defence wasn't that shabby either.

Overall a good experience, but I still wonder if the head frame problem exists in this design...

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