Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Victor Bravesword 10 (2nd Gen)

Finally got a chance to take this baby out for a swing. The Bravesword 10 has been on my wishlist for the longest time, and it felt really good when I got my hands on one.

Right off the Bravesword 10 felt really stiff, but despite that the racket still swings fast and true, cutting through the air with a very satisfying whish.

The Victor racket was tested out in about four game of singles, and it performed quite well. The stiffness of the racket gave the advantages without laying on too much of the weaknesses. Clears were nice and long without too much effort (it is an even balanced racket after all) and the attacking shots were accurate enough to make me happy.

The Bravesword 10 also put up in defense mode. The fast swing speed gives some pretty good blocks and the occasional lift to the back when I called for it. What stood out has to be the power from the racket without the need for a lot of swing, making my shots that much more deceptive.

But the lack of weight in the head eventually showed, and I had to switch for a head heavy racket to make the games less tedious. This is a problem with most even balanced or head light rackets with me, so I won't put it down to the Bravesword 10.

The racket performed admirably, and I think I'll be interested in testing it out some more.

Review soon, I hope.


Anonymous said...


Just a comment, though, the BS10, if it is the 2nd gen - "SWORD" written on the right hand side of the frame instead of "Brave Sword" - it's a head heavy racquet.

Mine, stringed, got a balance of 308mm.

Arthur Wong said...

Nice observation. I don't use weighing scales, so I'm judging from feel.

The one I have feels even-balanced.

Anonymous said...

You're right, at the beginning when you haven't yet exploited fully the BS10, it feels even-balanced.

When you manage to really bend the quite stiff shaft then you start feeling the weight in the frame head, it becomes a different racquet ;-)


Arthur Wong said...

A few more sessions with it then.. time to tame the Bravesword!