Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Li-Ning 3D Break-Free 80 Speed

The first time I tried this racket I couldn't get a good feel as I was playing in a really big hall and the shuttle speed really put me off the game.

Everything that came off the Li-Ning 3D Break-Free 80 Speed seemed to lack the power and sharpness that came with it's higher-end counterpart.

But I finally got a chance to put it to a proper test today on the singles court, and I can say that I'm rather impressed with the results.

Like the N80, the 3D Break-Free 80 Speed swings fast and true. The speed I could get off the racket is alarming, and it helped boost the shot strength significantly. However, I do want to note that the clears coming off this racket sometimes seem a little short, and that opens you up to the heavier attacks from the opponent's mid-court.

This is not much of a problem though, what with the increased defense capabilities of the racket.

Having such a fast swing speed also meant that defense gets a natural boost. I can remember a few times when I could throw off the opponent with a well-timed swing following some wicked reflex.

Somehow, I move faster when yielding lighter rackets, and the 80 Speed does weigh in a little less than the N80, so I found moving around the court with the silver racket an ease.

As expected from a lighter racket, the smashes didn't seem powerful enough, thought targeting isn't a problem. I was able to place the shots well enough to get decent second attacks, but the hard hitters were returned without much of a hassle from the opponent.

Comparing that to the N80, it's a world of difference.

Overall I did enjoy the session with the Li-Ning 3D Break-Free 80 Speed. I had another racket with me, but I ended up using this more because I wanted to see where this could take me.

Review soon.


Anonymous said...

When will the Li-Ning 3D Break-Free 80 Speed review come out? Still waiting for it :)

Arthur Wong said...

I'm afraid you're going to have to find that review from somewhere else... I've sold off the racket and don't think will be doing a review for it..