Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Yonex ArcSaber 2 Tour

This turned out to be quite a lucky find. I was rummaging through the box of on-offer rackets that the stringer has and chanced upon this "Made in Japan" ArcSaber.

So I got it and put a yellow grip around it to make it pretty. My buddy (who beat me three straight games in singles tonight, kudos!) made a remark that the racket seems a bit light.

And he was proven right when I brought it to the court for testing. The clears weren't coming across during stroking, and the backhands were terrible.

The whole thing just seemed to lack strength.

So the time came for me to take this to the court. Oh how the ArcSaber 2 Tour redeemed itself!

I wasn't able to use much backhand clears (I substituted them with the tight drop shot), but the control that this racket has is amazing.

Anywhere on the court, I could place the shuttle reasonably well. The smashes from this also came off very sharply.

Overall a nice tight racket. I may not recommend a long clearing game with this, but for those players hungry for control this will be a blast.

Of course I'll wait about  6-hours before commiting to a review. We all know how some rackets have a habit of losing their charm after the first impression.

Till soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, i played badminton since 4yrs max and am 40yrs old. My first racket was the nanospeed 300 taiwan 4u\g4 and has since been unable to use anythimg heavier than a 4u racket. So naturally my clears and toss always tends to be weak and ivneed to exert more force than is probably requiredveven when i bought the medium flex nanoray 500 was using As 2 tour as japan and the.different variety of light li-ning racket i had doesnt seek to improve the geral power of my stroke. I had come to realize this since i had started using the As 2 tour coz i could start making backhand clears to my opponent back court which i feel is due to the stiff shaft design as.well asvthe light 4u design of this racquet. Now, i have been informed by a local dealer that this model is discontinued by Yonex. As i'm on the lookout forba spare racquet im considering buying As 05 Tour as my spare racket. Any chance somebody can clarify abt the availibilityvof the As 2 Tour @ 4u\g4

chandra kertawinata said...

Arc saber 2 tour still available in Indonesia